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Aletheia IMS was founded in order to meet the new challenges of Integrated Management, Quality Management and Airfield Assurance for the Healthcare, Manufacturing, Waste Management, Food Services & International Military Community. Aletheia IMS was born out of extensive and long standing experience in NATO Food Safety, Utilities, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Military Safety, Standards & Evaluations Units, and Civilian Aviation auditing. 

As a consequence the Company was founded mixing existing Civilian Software Implementation Systems provided by Ideagen PLC with that from highly skilled and qualified former military and defence industry personnel.


Aletheia IMS is also an Ideasgen Implementation Partner whereby it can provide each of Ideagen's Integrated Management System Software solutions to your Organiisation. Aletheia IMS can provide Review, Configuration, Training & Implementation of Q-Pulse, Risk, Enlighten & Insight. For more details see our Solutions section. 


By specifically employing Auditors from Civilian Industry and a direct background in current operations, (Afghanistan, Iraq & Libya) or specific specialist quality skills, Aletheia IMS maintains its ability to remain flexible in its own operations and an appreciation of the complex nature of deployed military operations undertaken by its clients.


Aletheia IMS has extensivly expanded into new Industries in particular:


  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Infrastructure & Utilities
  • Technical Author Services
  • Cleaning Management Services


Aletheia IMS has proved itself by supplying Quality Management Services (QMS) to the NATO (NSPA) Kandahar Airfield (KAF) QMS Project, in conjunction with our project partners, as well as consultancy services to NSPA at Kabul International Airport (KAIA). Aletheia IMS personnel have routinely provided a service that exceeds NSPAs expectations. Aletheia IMS personnel at KAF have been commended by NSPA Management on their professionalism and technical abilities on many occasions. Aletheia IMS personnel have occupied several positions at KAF including Quality Assurance Evaluator as well as independent management functions focused specifically on delivery of a world class solution to its client. Additionally Aletheia IMS personnel have been cross trained in a myriad of further disciplines, providing strength and depth to operations and capabilities. This further highlights the commitment of Aletheia IMS to flexibility, dynamism and continuous improvement.


Furthermore Aletheia IMS personnel were, during 2010/11, was invited to consult to the UK Military Aviation Authority (MAA) and Royal Air Force (RAF); with regards to the implementation of Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Safety Management Systems (SMS) to all UK military airfields. Aletheia IMS has been recognised by the MAA as a UK service provider of QMS/IMS to the military, with special regard to deployed military locations. 


Aletheia IMS & Ibn Rushd, (Sabic)

Aletheia IMS Personnel have completed the Installation, Review, Configuration & Training for Ibn Rushd's Integrated Management Systems in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. Ibn Rushd are held compliant to numerous International Standards and Internal SABIC Requirements including, ISO9001:2015 (QMS), ISO51000 (EnMS), RC14000, ISO22301 (BCMS), ISO17025 (Lab) & SABIC SHEMS.


Arabian Industrial Fibers Company (Ibn Rushd) is wholly owned by the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC). It is the first integrated of the Sabic Affiliates to successfully implement and be Certificated to ISO 9001:2015.


Aletheia IMS is proud to continue its support for all SABIC Affiliates and Engineering & Industry across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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