Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan

Quality Management Services in support of the NATO Supply & Procurement Agency (NSPA)

Aletheia IMS partnered with Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) in support of the NSPA Kandahar Airfield (KAF) Quality Management Services (QMS) contract. Aletheia IMS’ role is to provide experienced Airport of Disembarkation (APOD) Auditors and Subject Matter Experts (SME) as well as a dedicated Gap Filling capability in order to ensure the most effective service to the client, NSPA


Kandahar Airfield is the main coalition forces base in Southern Afghanistan. KAF is not only one of the key the logistical hubs of the Afghanistan operational effort, it is also a vital offensive air and ground base. KAF has a population of approximately 30,000 military and civilian personnel. NSPA are responsible for providing all the APOD and Real Life Support (RLS) requirements for the entire airfield.


The KAF QMS project covered a myriad of contracts and contractors, the essence of the requirement being to ensure that all NSPA contractors on KAF were providing the contracted services to the applicable standards in support of the coalition forces in Southern Afghanistan.


The KAF QMS project monitored, through Audits and Surveillance activities, 35 separate contract areas involved in all aspects of the APOD and RLS. The APOD contracts include:

  • Combined Air Terminal Operations (CATO)
  • Airfield Mechanical Transport and Transportation Services (AMTTS)
  • Fire Crash Rescue Services (FCRS)
  • Medical Crash Crew Services (MCCS)
  • Security and Vetting Services (SVS)
  • Pass and Permit Services (P&P)
  • Air Traffic Management (ATM)
  • Airfield Billeting Management Services (Billeting)
  • Airfield Equipment and Vehicle Maintenance (AEVM)
  • Supply Support Services and Property Accounting (SSSPA)
  • Visiting Aircraft and Cross Servicing (ACS)
  • Roads Network and Common Grounds Maintenance
  • Airfield Operating Surfaces Maintenance (AOS)
  • AOS Sweeping
  • Airfield Ground Lighting Maintenance (AGL)
  • Base Camp Facilities Maintenance
  • Pest Control

RLS contracts:

  • Food - both warehousing and production
  • Laundry
  • Ablutions
  • Cleaning
  • Power Production - electricity generation
  • Water production and Management
  • Waste Water Management
  • Waste Management
  • Mortuary Services
  • Morale, Welfare and Recreation - Gymnasium Services
  • Demining Services
  • Translation Services
  • Transport of Bulk Goods
  • Vehicle Rental Services


Audits are carried out at Second Party and Third Party levels to various standards and contract compliance requirements. All activities are reported to NSPA with records being held in Gael’s Q-Pulse Compliance Management Software. Activities completed by and subsequent data captured by Aletheia IMS personnel was key to NATO in ensuring that the Troop Contributing Nations received the services they required at the right level/standard on time and within budget.


KAF Project Performance


CTC Personnel routinely exceeded the expectations of their customer (NSPA KAF). This was proven by feedback received from NSPA KAF, where personnel, and in particular those in support of the APOD, were rated 5 out of 5 by the NSPA KAF APOD Cell. Aletheia IMS fulfilled all commitments throughout its contract and proved themselves to be reliable, tenacious, dynamic and flexible.


Aletheia IMS maintains a robust and flexible reach back capability for the NSPA KAF QMS Project. Frequently providing additional personnel for APOD, Infrastructure and Utilities personnel and possessing the continuing capability to provide additional staff to NSPA KAF & KAIA as required and necessary.


Aletheia IMS personnel additionally have been utilised to lead and monitor non APOD QMS services, such as Infrastructure and Real Life Support. Aletheia IMS ensures that its personnel are cross trained and capable of completing these additional tasks. Historically this is always achieved with no detriment to the QMS Services provided for the KAF APOD and NSPA.



Aletheia IMS & Bristow Group

Aletheia IMS personnel have completed the Configuration & Training of Bristow Helicopter's Group's Safety Management System at their Aberdeen Airport Location. This included the building of Air Safety, Maintenance, Ground Handling, Medical SAR and Inspection Reporting Systems. This shall help Bristow's retire legacy systems, automate Global Safety Processes and increase safety across the group.

Bristow Group is the leading provider of industrial aviation services offering helicopter transportation, search and rescue (SAR) and aircraft support services to government and civil organizations worldwide. With headquarters in Houston, Texas, Bristow has major operations in the North Sea, Nigeria, the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, and in most of the other major offshore oil and gas producing regions of the world, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Russia and Trinidad. Bristow provides SAR services to the private sector worldwide, and to the public sector for all of the UK on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

Aletheia IMS is proud to continue its support for UK Aviation


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