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High Level Window Cleaning


Our membership of the National Federation of Master Window & General Cleaners (NFMWGC) also gives us access to all of the latest information regarding his service as well as keeping us up to date with all the latest health and safety legislation.


The best way to see this high quality service for yourself is to have one of our FREE DEMONSTRATIONS at a location of your choice. Call us today on +44(0) 1452 546599 or Contact Us to arrange a time and place most suitable for you.

Our operatives are trained in the use of all access equipment and cradle work for the most challenging of buildings.


Our main priority has been the Health and Safety of our client’s staff, the public and our operatives.  The quality of the results that our systems produce has also been a key factor.  We then added the challenge of providing the most cost effective service and we feel that in the Purified Waterfed Pole System we have found something able to produce an efficient, cost effective and safe service.


With restrictions increasingly being imposed and growing Health and Safety concerns, we have seen dramatic cost rises in high-level window cleaning and the industry has been swamped with new ideas on how to overcome this problem. Lucence Cleaning Solutions has closely examined the benefits and disadvantages of each of these methods in order to provide our clients with the safest and most efficient service possible.



Carpet Cleaning Upholstery Cleaning


When cleaning upholstery we select the appropriate system for your environment, as different materials require different methods.  The removal of chewing gum is carried out using a specialist solvent spray to dissolve it and other chemical pre-sprays, manual/mechanical agitation methods may be used where appropriate.  None of our systems over-wet the upholstery and your seating will be ready to use again within an hour.


Following lengthy research in this field, we discovered that one system stands out from the crowd in terms of speed, efficiency, quality and safety, that system is Texatherm.


Texatherm uses an exothermic reaction involving the use of heat with a chemical reaction to remove all dirt and grease from the carpet fibres.  The dirt brought to the surface and is then absorbed into specially designed pads leaving the carpet cleaned, sanitized and with an anti-static coating to prevent rapid re-soiling.


The manufacturer of this system provides a guarantee that it can in no way damage the carpet or cause it to shrink.  It is also WoolSafe® approved.  The Texatherm system leaves the carpet dry in approx 30 minutes.


End of Build Cleaning


Any newly built property needs to have excess dust and general dirt from construction removed.  An end of build (sparkle) clean will ensure that your new building is free of dust and debris, leaving it in the best possible condition for you to handover to the new owners.


End Of Tenancy Cleaning


In such a competitive market, we understand the need to offer clean & beautifully maintained properties including the requirement for inventory check in/outs.


Lucence Cleaning Solutions specialise in the professional cleaning and refurbishment of properties and offers a high level of service with attention to detail ensuring that Agents and Landlords are left with a property that is ready for the next set of tenants.


When it comes to our pre/end of tenancy cleaning, we have an extensive checklist and we equip our teams with all the tools to tackle every possible area and ensure that no inch of the property is left unclean.


Cladding Cleaning


One of the most commonly used materials for the exterior of new buildings is cladding.  This surface material is prone to becoming dirty quite quickly and needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent staining.  In view of this, we have developed a cleaning system that can regularly maintain your cladding thus improving the appearance of your building and lengthening the lifespan of the surface material.


After much research, we found that the quickest and most efficient method to use is our Purified Waterfed Pole System.  Using this system, we are able to clean all surfaces up to a height of 60 feet without using access equipment.  For larger buildings, we train our operatives to use all types of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (more commonly known as “cherry pickers”).


Glass, plastic, metal, painted surfaces, stone and concrete can all be cleaned using a variety of cleaning products and attachments.  The cleaning product is applied through the pole and is left to work into the dirt, the entire area can then be rinsed down with the purified water leaving the surface sparkling clean.  We are also able to apply chemicals that will prevent staining and dirt from sticking to the surface thus making each clean easier to carry out.


Most properties require this service on only a quarterly to six monthly basis.  Our Purified Waterfed Pole System can also be used to clean canopies, signage and awnings.


Graffiti Removal / High Pressure Cleaning


The removal of graffiti has always been a problem and there have been many different methods developed to do so, the most common & effective method until recently was to sand blast the surface to remove the graffiti.  This method has however raised Health & Safety concerns for both operators & members of the public.


Following research into this matter, we discovered a revolutionary new method, it is the most effective system ever used and is approved by the Environment Agency as the safest method available.


The graffiti is pre-spotted with a specially formulated product, our system then uses a special media that is applied using a high-pressure unit.  Where there are stubborn areas of graffiti, the water temperature can be heated to 140 °C and the pressure can be increased to 3000psi.  This system can be used on most surfaces and has proved to be very effective.


Surface Protection


In addition to our graffiti removal service, we have also developed a Surface Protection Service.  This service proves to be extremely cost effective in areas that suffer from frequent vandalism or where the surface material is too fragile or delicate for the conventional graffiti removal procedure.


A sacrificial coating is applied to the surface material preventing the penetration of the graffiti into the surface.  This coating can then be removed along with graffiti and the surface material is left unaffected, the coating is then simply reapplied ready for the next attack.  As the coating is transparent it will not detract from the appearance of your property.


High Pressure Cleaning


With the amount of damp weather that we seem to be having in this country lately, this service is proving to be very popular.  All pathways & hard standings require cleaning to remove the build up of dirt & algae that causes them to be both unsightly & very slippery.


Our High Pressure Washing Unit is the quickest and most effective method of doing this and can quickly restore any hard standing to its original condition thus improving safety for its users.  This system can also be used on surfaces such as painted masonry, glass and brickwork.


We aim to have all graffiti removed within 72 hours of it being reported.


End of Build (Sparkle) Clean


We prepare your building for it's new occupiers, removing dust, debris and bringing out that new build sparkle


Bespoke Services


We understand not everyone's needs are straight forward contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.


Emergency Response


We're ready to respond for any cleaning service that needs urgent attention. Contact us for more info


Aletheia IMS & Bristow Group

Aletheia IMS personnel have completed the Configuration & Training of Bristow Helicopter's Group's Safety Management System at their Aberdeen Airport Location. This included the building of Air Safety, Maintenance, Ground Handling, Medical SAR and Inspection Reporting Systems. This shall help Bristow's retire legacy systems, automate Global Safety Processes and increase safety across the group.

Bristow Group is the leading provider of industrial aviation services offering helicopter transportation, search and rescue (SAR) and aircraft support services to government and civil organizations worldwide. With headquarters in Houston, Texas, Bristow has major operations in the North Sea, Nigeria, the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, and in most of the other major offshore oil and gas producing regions of the world, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Russia and Trinidad. Bristow provides SAR services to the private sector worldwide, and to the public sector for all of the UK on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

Aletheia IMS is proud to continue its support for UK Aviation


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