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Reporting for iPad

Q-Pulse Reports allows for safety/incident/hazard reports to be raised in situations where there isn't a live connection to Q-Pulse (for example, mid-flight). By replacing unwieldy and inflexible paper-based forms, Q-Pulse Reports drastically reduces the time spent administering reports, encouraging a reporting culture throughout the organisation and closing the loop in the reporting cycle.

• Increased reporting and accuracy
• Immediate data capture
• Instantaneous report submission as soon as network connectivity is available
• Improved efficiency as paper-based forms no longer require to be manually keyed into a system.

By improving the accessibility of the safety/incident reports through the iPad regardless of the connectivity status, Q-Pulse Reports increases adoption of the Safety Management System (SMS) and improves safety levels.


To find out more about how Q-Pulse Reporting enables electronic reporting to be completed on the iPad anytime, anywhere, any place contact Aletheia IMS.


Q-Pulse Audit - Smart audit

Q-Pulse Audit combines the power of the Q-Pulse audit module with the mobility and flexibility of the iPad.

The application replaces the need for paperwork to be carried on-site, allowing for documentation, guidance notes and checklists all to be stored on the iPad. Audits have been simplified with checklists incorporating pre-defined answers that ensure accurate, measurable responses are recorded to overcome any misinterpretation issues.

Q-Pulse Audit speeds up the audit process as responses are captured electronically and in real time. Audit findings are enhanced as the iPad can capture photographic and audio evidence to support best practice or highlight areas of improvement.

The close out of an audit becomes more accurate and efficient with Q-Pulse Audit. Findings can be reviewed and finalised before being automatically uploaded back into Q-Pulse. Any non-conformances (CAPA) highlighted through the audit are automatically created, triggering the non-conformance workflow and action tracking functionality in Q-Pulse.

To discover how Q-Pulse Audit will simplify the way audits are carried out, making them mobile and improving accuracy contact 
Aletheia IMS.

Documents available any time, any place

Q-Pulse Docs is a document viewer application engineered specifically for the iPad that keeps you informed of changes and provides access to the latest version of your organisation’s documents at anytime, anywhere and any place.
The iPad is consolidating its position as a viable alternative to the mountain of paper-based reference material that is required in the cockpit for flight crews. With Q-Pulse Docs, aircraft manuals, crew operating procedures, flight plans and any iPad supported file can be accessed from the device at the point of need, regardless of connectivity, location or time of day.

Q-Pulse Docs provides a convenient and flexible solution and revolutionises the way Q-Pulse is used to manage controlled documentation throughout an organisation. Aircraft engineers who are based remotely can access video instructions on how to maintain equipment, cabin crew can access the latest reference material directly from the device and auditors can verify quality and safety procedures without the need to be connected to a PC.

With multimedia capabilities, process documentation can be replaced with animation, repair manuals can be replaced with demonstration videos and staff communications can be replace by podcasts or video.


To find out more about how Q-Pulse Docs allows you to view your controlled documents on the iPad anytime, anywhere, any place contact Aletheia IMS.



Aletheia IMS & Kelvin Hughes

Aletheia IMS Personnel have have been selected to implement the new electronic Safety Management System, (Q-Pulse) for Kelvin Hughes. 

Kelvin Hughes Ltd is a world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of maritime navigation, surveillance and security radar systems. The company sets the international standard in solid state radar sensor technology with SharpEye™ and its market leading tactical and situational awareness radar display softwares.

Continuously the market innovator for radar sensors and systems, Kelvin Hughes has an enviable history and an unprecedented list of technology firsts - from the first type approved radar in 1948 to the world’s first commercially available multi-purpose solid state radar.

SharpEye™ is sold into a diverse range of markets and applications from naval and commercial maritime navigation, port Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) and coastal surveillance to ground surveillance and marine security applications.

With a product range covering land and sea, Kelvin Hughes demonstrates its expertise in solid state radar detection technology with a depth and breadth that no other company can match.

Kelvin Hughes has embarked on a programme of continuous innovation with a vision to place itself amongst the fastest-growing companies in the industry.


Aletheia IMS is Proud to continue its support for the UK Defence & Aviation Industries


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